Fencing up as construction on new museum begins

As construction for the upcoming Pomona College Museum of Art (PCMA) moves forward, a security fence went up last week.

The fencing was placed around the perimeter of the museum site, including the west side of College Avenue, the south side of Bonita Avenue, along the east side of the Library parking lot, the west side of College Avenue and the north side of Second Street.

The sidewalk along College Avenue, Second Street and Bonita Avenue next to the project will be closed for safety purposes, the city noted. There will be signs for pedestrian detours. The city is anticipating an 18- to 20-month construction timeline.

Meanwhile, the city has created a Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting program to be used throughout construction. The program, according to the city, allows residents to report issues and ask questions as the museum starts construction. The citizen hotline is (909) 399-5389 or fill out an online form on the city website.

The city arborist said trees around the construction site will be protected throughout the process. That includes “tree protection zones,” which includes orange fencing around the trees where special care and monitoring will occur.


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