Council approves street sweeping signs, makeover at Joslyn

The Claremont city council approved new street sweeping signs and an addition to the Joslyn Senior Center during a relatively quick Tuesday meeting.

The street-sweeping signs will be installed at just three locations in the city, with anticipation of more being rolled out in the future, according to a report by Kristin Mikula of the Community Services Department. Those streets include Harvard Avenue, between Twelfth Street and Foothill Boulevard; Stanislaus Circle east of Shenandoah Drive; and Woodstock Court, west of Navarro Street.

The signs would be placed at the beginning of the streets, with instructions to not park during street-sweeping hours from 5:30 to 9:30 a.m. twice a month, Ms. Mikula said. The streets affected are on a shortlist made by the city of streets where parking most affects the sweepers.

The plan has been in the making for a few months, and city staff got the word out to the affected streets about the installation of the signs during a Parks, Hillsides and Utilities meeting in June. Initially, the city wanted to place signs on Sequoia Court, but residents who attended the meeting did not want them.

The city noted in its agenda report they would back off from placing the signs on Sequoia Court, but residents can petition the city if they change their mind.

Those in favor of the signs highlighted the environmental and aesthetic benefits of the signs.

After the signs are installed, the city will review other locations on a case-by-case basis, looking into whether cars regularly block street sweepers, the signs can be placed more than 500 feet from a school, littler and debris have substantially impacted the area, a majority of residents on the street want them and if there are no other options, the city said.

Drivers parked on the street during the time and date of street sweeping would be given a $35 citation or the first offense, a $70 citation for the second offense and a $105 for a third violation, all within a one year period.

The motion passed, 4-0. Mayor Pro Tem Opanyi Nasiali was absent.

Senior center additions approved

The council also unanimously approved exciting new additions to the Joslyn and Blaisdell Centers.

Human Services Director Anne Turner presented the plans, which focuses on turning the outdoor patio at Joslyn into a vibrant, colorful meeting area where Claremont’s seniors can play games, socialize or just take in the scenery.

The plan includes adding multi-colored tables and chairs, umbrellas for shade, string lights overhead, a fountain, mobile space heaters, a beverage cart, standing tables, outdoor games and decorative pillows.

The color schemes and designs of the chairs and tables are inspired by local area like the Public Plaza and businesses such as Union on Yale, Ms. Turner said.

The orange, lemon and lime colors were also inspired by old citrus crate labels, which Ms. Turner described as “a nod to Claremont’s citrus packing heritage.”

Lemon-colored rocking chairs would also be added to the locations, which Ms. Turner described as “a playful twist on a senior staple.” Everything added to the patio would be commercial grade for long-term use, she added.

The project would largely be funded by grants and donations. The Claremont Senior Foundation is projected to generate $50,000 in donations, which is above the $45,000 estimated cost. This would also include $10,000 in donations from the Rotary Club and $15,000 in donations from mailers.

The project has already met about 75 percent of its projected funding goal, the city said. The project could be completed by Spring 2018, Ms. Turner said.

Since the area at Blaisdell was smaller, Ms. Turner noted, it would get lesser amenities; no string lights would be available, and the area would get less tables and hairs.

The council was absolutely in favor of the project. Mr. Pedroza was especially pleased with the way the project was funded.

“The look looks great, but the approach was fantastic,” he said.

The council approved the project, 4-0.


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