Pack stuns top ranked South Hills, 4-0

The stars aligned perfectly for Claremont High School girls soccer Thursday night in two unexpected results.

First and most important, the Wolfpack stunned top ranked, and undefeated, South Hills with a 4-0 drubbing at home.

Little did the girls know but as they were taking a victory lap last place Diamond Bar Brahmas were celebrating a 1-0 victory over second place Glendora.

The stunning set of events did not change the Palomares League standings but it did put South Hills’ league title into question, when only a day ago they seemed untouchable.

Claremont and Glendora now have identical records, 4-2-1, however the Tartans beat the Pack 1-0 on Tuesday so Claremont has to settle for third place. That could change next Tuesday when Glendora hosts South Hills.

A Pack title is still a very long shot. The Huskies would have to lose all three of their remaining games, while Claremont would have to win all three and Glendora would have to lose one, as long as it is not to the Huskies.


—Steven Felschundneff


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