Expansion to add more treatment options at the Claremont Club

The Perfect Step Paralysis Recovery Centers, formerly known as Project Walk Claremont continues to expand at the Claremont Club.  

The newly-expanded studio is now helping to improve the overall health and quality of life fore more than 100 people affected by spinal cord injuries (SCI) and other neuromuscular forms of paralysis, including multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, stroke, Parkinson’s, ALS, PLS and traumatic brain injuries.

The non-traditional Step treatment—special techniques and exercises for paralysis, which uses activity-based, load bearing exercises and PNAR (Patterned Neuro-Activity Recruitment) supports the belief that exercise is medicine, especially for people struggling with chronic injuries and chronic illness.

“The body was meant to move,” said Mike Alpert, president and CEO of the Claremont Club. “We see significant improvements in functionality, reduction of secondary complications such as pressure sores and urinary tract infections, as well as improved emotional and spiritual well being in our clients we see on a daily basis.”

Beginning in mid-February, a multi-year institutional review board approved medical research study will being with Kaiser Permanente on 70 spinal cord clients.

“We have been able to see the improvements in our clients daily and now the piece that has been missing is about to begin,” Mr. Alpert said of the medical study.

The Perfect Step website will be available shorty and will allow other health and wellness facilities to incorporate their program to serve people with chronic injuries and illness in their communities. Claremont will serve as a training and educational center for others in the future.

The Perfect Step Paralysis Recovery Centers is owned by Hal Hargrave Jr. and Hal and Lorie Hargrave and is operated at the Claremont Club.

“I am excited for the future and for what it will hold,” Mr. Hargrave Jr. said. “Our longstanding partnership with the Claremont Club will allow us to reach places that were in the past thought to be unattainable.”

For information, call (888) 436-2788 or visit theperfectstep.com. The Perfect Step is located at 1775 N. Monte Vista Ave. in Claremont.


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