Sunday brunch will be served, Tutti Mangia style

I love brunch, I love bottomless mimosas and I love delicious food and drinks made with locally-sourced and quality ingredients. I also love anything new in Claremont so when I hear of something, I check it out, especially if it involves eating.

When you’ve lived or worked in the Village for a time, you start to refer to Tutti Mangia simply as “Tutti” in casual conversation. For me, Tutti has long been a special occasion restaurant and I had never been to  their brunch, which is normally only served on holidays.

My friends and I are on tight budgets so quality and price are most important to us now that we’re diving into our early-30s. On Sunday, we discovered brunch at Tutti is both affordable and delicious, with exception of the filet mignon, everything is under $20. They recently starting serving Sunday brunch from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and my FOMOOF (fear of missing out on food) was becoming too strong to stay away.

Tutti offers a unique combination you cannot find in Claremont and with a quality and execution that rarely disappoints. I’ve known and heard from friends who have worked at there over the years, they use high-quality ingredients, many of which are grown in Claremont and come from local communities.

On Sunday, we stopped in after shopping the farmers market at its new location, just steps from the restaurant. There was no need to be fancy, brunch at Tutti is casual affair—they even offer a fantastic kids brunch menu.

I’ve always said a good brunch includes bottomless mimosas, and Tutti didn’t disappoint. My friends and I shared five appetizers, one of which doubled as a dessert, four entrees and two different cocktails, in addition to our bottomless mimosas. For more on our experience, and some details on the tasty fare, visit

—Rachel Fagg


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