Public hearing on city user fees postponed to gather input

A public hearing on user fees has been scrapped from next week’s city council meeting.

The reason, according to Claremont Finance Director Adam Pirrie, was to give the city’s commissions an opportunity to review the proposed fees before it gets to the council.

“We just realized it would make more sense for the commissions to weigh in on the proposed fees,” Mr. Pirrie said.

The Police Commission is set to look over the user fees on July 12, and the Community and Human Services Commission will provide input on July 19, Mr. Pirrie said.

Since the council goes on recess for the month of August, the council most likely won’t take a look at the proposals until September.

The user fees cover a multitude of city services, from construction additions to costs for enrolling in recreation classes.

The public will have the opportunity to speak during public comment at both commission meetings as well as the city council meeting.


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