Man gets stuck in chimney during burglary attempt

A burglar had to be rescued after getting stuck in a chimney while trying to break into a Claraboya home.

Claremont officers responded on September 29 to a home on the 700 block of Via San Simon regarding a man heard screaming for help, the Claremont Police Department said in a release.

After officers arrived, they found the screaming was coming from the chimney. The burglar allegedly tried to burglarize the home and decided to use the chimney as his point of entry and became stuck, police said. LA County Fire was called, and they successfully and safely removed the burglar from the chimney.

Lt. Jason Walters of the Claremont Police Department estimated the man had been in the chimney for six to eight hours.

The suspect was arrested on suspicion burglary and transported to a local hospital for dehydration. The district attorney later declined to file charges against him, Lt. Walters said.


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