Election coverage letter to Claremont COURIER readers

Claremont’s city council election is a real opportunity for residents to reshape city leadership for years to come. With six hard working candidates to choose, all running active campaigns, there have never been so many people involved in the city election process.

Unfortunately, the sad truth is our election process has become so divisive and negative, boorish behavior has seeped down to local communities. That includes Claremont.

The mission of the COURIER remains the same. We focus on reporting local news that is unbiased and accurate, including being a soundboard for the community. I strongly believe we are on Claremont’s side, not of any group, organization or person. Most of the opinions we publish come from the community, which is just the way we want it.

But the election reporting process has become so negative, where inaccurate and demeaning accusations seem to abound around every corner. Even for accurate news stories. Thus, I have suspended any further election coverage until the results are counted on November 6.

Starting with this Friday’s newspaper, we will only accept election letters in support of a candidate. I will personally determine if future letters meet this criteria. No more finger-pointing at candidates or the COURIER. This only divides our community and pits us against each other. And we will no longer be part of it.

Our staff strives to treat people with respect and dignity, even when we do not agree with an opinion or point of view. I hear the staff each day and every day professionally respond to customers’ needs and requests. We deeply care about where we live and the people we live with. Our agenda is Claremont.

It’s my hope all this is a short-lived trend influenced by the combative state of national politics. It’s a time to agree to disagree—then together move forward in a dignified manner.

—Peter Weinberger



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