City seeks donations for Joslyn and Blaisdell Senior Centers

Volunteers are sponsoring a “Friends Campaign” this year, which focuses on improving the city’s daily lunch and nutritional program by eliminating wasteful fiberboard plates, flimsy plastic cutlery and moving to reusable plates and flatware.

City staff, along with volunteers, provide hot meals five days a week for seniors in the community. More than 25,000 meals are served annually, placing considerable wear in the kitchen area since opening in 1985. Along with new dinnerware, a commercial dishwasher and warming ovens would be purchased to replace outdated equipment and provide a more energy-efficient operation.

The funds from the campaign would provide:

• A modern, sustainable tableware setting that adds a new sense of dignity to what is often perceived of as an institutional dining experience.

• A more efficient, commercial dishwasher with quick cycles.

• Reliable warmers to improve speed of service and quality.

• An updated coffee lounge area.

• New tables and chairs to replace the worn furnishings at the Blaisdell Center.

The city of Claremont is committed to high quality and sustainable practices, volunteers said in a press release. “After 33 years of service, the time has come for the lunch program to shine again.”

Last year, thanks to donations from Claremont residents, the Friends Campaign transformed unused space into a popular new patio. New chairs, tables and umbrellas created an inviting space for day and evening gatherings.  The vision this year is to provide funds to upgrade the facility dining area for all seniors in the community, and we ask for your financial support to make it a reality.

The Claremont Senior Foundation will assist by matching donations raised from this campaign, up to $15,000 toward the overall goal of $30,000. Residents are asked to consider a generous tax-deductible contribution in support of the Joslyn and Blaisdell Senior Centers.

To donate, visit the city website at


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