Claremont pictures and videos of the year

Our last edition of the year is devoted to looking back to remember all those wonderful stories that made 2018 a unique, odd, funny and news filled year. So we have edited our best 2018 photos and videos that represent only a fraction of all the news going on in Claremont. Be sure to check out our story on city news along with a photo gallery and videos on the jump. And from all of us at the COURIER, we want to thank you for all the incredible support making 2018 one great year. Our staff will continue to follow and report the news wherever it takes us in 2019. —PW

Claremont VIDEOS

Snow on Mt Baldy

Pomona College Museum of Art

Miss Pixie shops Claremont Village

Griswold’s old hotel takes a tumble!

Beautiful City of Trees

Changing face of Base Line Rd

Want more Claremont videos? Check out our COURIER Aerial Imagery channel with over 100 more!


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