Snow capped at sunset

A fast moving storm system blew through Claremont on Thursday, dumping almost an inch of rain at lower elevations and snow over 7000 feet. This enabled residents to get a fantastic view of the San Gabriel mountains at sunset after the storm passed. If you missed the view, no worries, as a couple more storm systems will give us rainy days through Tuesday. Saturday however, is the big rain-snow event as Claremont will get up to two inches of rain, with a foot of snow expected in higher mountain elevations. High temperatures in Claremont will only be in the 50s, with lows being just a few degrees less. So don’t put that rain gear away just yet, and enjoy Friday, which will be partly cloudy most of the day. The winter weather will arrive just after midnight Friday and stick around all day Saturday. The Wilderness Park will be closed Saturday and Sunday because of localized flooding. If there’s an emergency, please call the Claremont police at (909) 626-1296. COURIER photo/Peter Weinberger


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