Four-year-old sticks with his Monday morning tradition in Claremont

Four-year-old Nathaniel Bonilla of Claremont kicks off his week each Monday with his favorite activity—watching the trash trucks rumble down his street. But there’s one Claremont city sanitation worker who goes above and beyond.

As Nathaniel’s mom Lisa reports, “Every single trash day, my son waits for him to drive by, and without fail, he always stops and acknowledges him with a friendly smile and wave. Such a simple act that lights up this little boy’s whole day! I do not know this gentleman’s name to give him a proper thank you and recognition, but I want to share that this is one of the reasons I am so grateful to live in Claremont and raise my child here.”

Nathaniel, seen here still in pjs, definitely plays an equal part in what makes Claremont such a great place to live. Nathaniel’s mom hopes this city employee will hear just how much it means to her.

“The sense of community and care radiates through the city and city employees and we are grateful to have this particular man on our route,” she said.

—Kathryn Dunn


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