Police arrest two suspects running identity theft operation

Police arrested two people after finding an alleged identity theft operation with over 20,000 victims. It all started when police pulled over a car around 2:07 p.m. The driver, 39-year-old Joseph Martinez, was allegedly under the influence of drugs and had a suspended license and a warrant. A search of the car yielded stolen mail, credit cards, fake drivers’ licenses and a key used to open community mailboxes. A passenger, 28-year-old Raymond Lussow of Pomona, also had a warrant.

The ensuing investigation led police to a room at the Claremont Lodge, where the suspects has “fraudulently rented a room,” Lt. Walters said. Inside the room were additional stolen mail, a card reader, fake checks and over 20,000 personal profiles of identity theft victims.

Both Mr. Martinez and Mr. Lussow were arrested on suspicion of identity theft, mail theft, illegal possession of a card reader, forgery and warrants. Mr. Martinez was also arrested for DUI.


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