Low-cost 3D digital screening mammography offered by PVHMC

Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center is offering 3D digital screening mammograms for women over the age of 40 at a reduced cash price of $50 during the month of April. Screening mammograms can detect breast cancer early, when treatment can be more effective.

Women eligible for the low-cost screening mammogram must be over 40 years old, not have breast implants, have had no history of breast cancer in the last five years and be asymptomatic or have no breast problems. No insurance or physician order is required.

More than 614,000 women have prevented breast cancer deaths in the past 30 years due to mammography screenings and improved treatments. Despite the lifesaving value of the test, only half of women over 40 receive regular screenings.

“Early detection can be the key to life saving treatment,” said Dr. Paul Reisch, medical director of PVHMCs Breast Health Center. “By offering screening mammography at a low-cost, we are helping women of all income levels to have access to the detection services they need.”

If you meet the eligibility, and would like to schedule a $50 mammogram before April 30, call (909) 469-9395 for an appointment at these four locations:

Pomona Valley Health Center, 1601 Monte Vista Ave., Suite 107, Claremont; Breast Health Center, 1910 Royalty Dr., Pomona; Pomona Valley Health Center, 2333 Foothill Blvd., La Verne; or Pomona Valley Imaging Center, 2140 Grand Ave, Suite 115, Chino Hills. Appointments are limited and on a first-come, first-served basis.


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