Teen cyclist hit by car at CHS

Paramedics attend to a teenage cyclist who was stuck by a vehicle in front of Claremont High School as classes were letting out on Monday afternoon. The driver of the vehicle, Albert Ravelo, said the teen darted out in front of his car and he did not have time to stop. Mr. Ravelo had just picked up his daughter at CHS and was driving south on Indian Hill Boulevard at about 25 mph when the cyclist exited the south parking lot at the school and attempted to cross the street. The boy reportedly did a little bunny hop and rolled across the car’s hood, which smashed the windshield but may have prevented him from receiving more serious injury. The boy was alert and in good spirits following the collision but was transported to an area hospital by ambulance. Mr. Ravelo said he was traumatized by the event and reported having glass in his eyes from the shattered windshield. COURIER photo/Steven Felschundneff



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