Annoying water leak keeps Golden State on the job

A small water leak has popped up on Padua Avenue in recent days.

The leak, located on Padua and Mary Place, has been a cause of concern for residents in the area. Ben Lewis of Golden State Water Company said the leak was minor, and could be caused by a leak on a valve, although that was unconfirmed.

The reason for the delay in fixing the leak, he said, centered on the area around the leak—including the nearby Western Christian School. Golden State Water, he said, was concerned about traffic control on the two-lane Padua Avenue and didn’t want to interrupt water service to the school as they fixed the leak.

“We took our time to come up with a plan to address that leak, and that’s what we’re doing now,” Mr. Lewis said.

Mr. Lewis said a crew would be working on the leak throughout Thursday afternoon, with a goal of fixing it by the end of the day.

Matthew Bramlett


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