Police designate service areas to respond to quality of life issues

The Claremont Police Department now has four service areas with a specific lieutenant assigned to each area to address specific concerns residents may have in their neighborhoods.

“The Claremont Police Department strives to provide excellent customer service to the citizens we serve,” the department shared in a press release. “In addition to responding to calls for service and crime prevention, we strive to develop permanent solutions to problems that impact the quality of life in neighborhoods.”

Service area policing allows residents to directly contact the lieutenant assigned to their area for non-emergency, quality of life issues. If a residents is experiencing long-term problems in their neighborhood, the assigned service area lieutenant can work with the neighbors to remedy the issue.

This citizen-friendly approach provides increased police accountability to citizens, more personalized service to residents and business owners, increased citizen satisfaction and communication and improved response to neighborhood quality of life issues.

If you are encountering an issue in your neighborhood, whether you are a resident or business owner, do not hesitate to contact the service area lieutenant assigned to your area for non-emergency problems that do not need an immediate response from the police. For emergencies, residents should call 9-1-1.

The city is portioned into four quadrants at Indian Hill Boulevard and Foothill Boulevard, which are identified as Areas 1 through 4. Residents use their home and/or business addresses to determine which lieutenant to contact.

Area 1

Southwest of Foothill Boulevard and Indian Hill Boulevard. Contact: Lt. Eric Huizar via email at servicearea1@ci.claremont.ca.us or call (909) 399-5400.

Area 2

Southeast of Foothill Boulevard and Indian Hill Boulevard. Contact: Lt. Jason Walters via email at servicearea2@ci.claremont.ca.us or call (909) 399-5400.

Area 3

Northwest of Foothill Boulevard and Indian Hill Boulevard. Contact: Lt. Mike Ciszek via email at servicearea3@ci.claremont.ca.us or call (909) 399-5400.

Area 4

Northeast of Foothill Boulevard and Indian Hill Boulevard. Contact: Lt. Karlan Bennett via email at servicearea4@ci.claremont.ca.us or call (909) 399-5400.


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