Facebook launches local news feature “Today in Claremont”

Facebook launched a local news gathering feature on its app in early 2018 but recently it went live in more than 400 cities across the US, including Claremont.

To sign up for news alerts specific to Claremont, from your smartphone, click the menu tab on the lower right (three stacked lines) and scroll down to the “Today in Claremont” icon. If your Facebook profile indicates Claremont as your hometown, it should automatically appear.

Simply click the “Today in Claremont” icon and a blue button will appear asking you to “turn on” the feature.

The COURIER had its first story appear there today—a preview story on the architectural commission meeting regarding the Colby Circle townhomes.

Support for local journalism has never been more important. Join us in keeping local news alive.

—Kathryn Dunn



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