Sound advice from seniors

“Life is more interesting, the older you get!” Excellent words to live by from Irene Lipman, who just turned 100 years-old at the Claremont Manor Centenarian Day event last Friday. But Ms. Lipman was not the only honoree on this special day. In fact, there were eight—yes eight—centenarians present, all between the ages of 100 and 102, who shared their wisdom from years of life experience. In fact, there was 807 years of knowledge.

With a packed house of family and friends, this party had all the trappings of a birthday party with balloons, cake, cider and of course, champagne. And there was more sound advice from each one of the honored Manor residents.

Sarita Comyns, who turned 100 in July, said “Be kind to one another, be very kind.” Paul Minning, 102, was in the Navy and taught Morse code, then went on to work with Howard Hughes as a controller, retiring in the 1970s. His advice was direct and straight to the point. “Be honest, wait for the real thing and appreciate what you have.”

It clearly was a grand day for not only the centenarians, but all the people who attended this rare and unique public event.

—Peter Weinberger


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