Measure CR committees provide financial update, register with state

The No on Measure CR committee filed its statement of organization with the state’s Fair Political Practices Commission on Tuesday, according to city clerk Shelley Desautels.

The group’s Form 410, which is marked not yet qualified, was signed by Claremont residents Aundre Johnson, Donna Lowe and Jennifer Weisner. No economic statement was included with the form.

If the committee reaches the state’s $2,000 threshold for fundraising, it has 10 days to file an amended 410 with the Secretary of State, showing that it has qualified.

 “Then they will have to begin reporting revenue and expenditures,” Ms. Desautels explained. “The next filing is October 24. They will file that with our office.”

Political groups must file reports within 24 hours if a single source donation or a non-monetary contribution of more than $1,000 is received.

Like all committees, a Form 460, or committee campaign statement, must be filed each quarter once the $2,000 limit is reached.

The Yes for Claremont committee filed its most recent economic statement on Monday, according to Ms. Desautels.

Yes for Claremont acknowledged contributions of $7,212 to the campaign, of which $1,237 are identified as non-monetary. From July 1 to September 21, the group received cash donations of $100 from 12 different Claremont residents and three for $200. Eight residents donated $250, including councilmembers Larry Schroeder, Jed Leano and Jennifer Stark, who also paid an additional $132 for promotional flyers.

Committee member Bob Bowcock donated $811 to fund food and drink at a campaign fundraising event, as well as an additional $250 cash donation.

Expenses, which are largely attributed to printing costs except a $743 charge to Political Data, Inc., the state’s largest provider of voter information, total $4,659. The Yes for Claremont committee ended the quarter with a cash balance of $1,316.

—Kathryn Dunn


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