UPDATE: Police investigate stabbing incident at Indian Hill and San Jose

What was initially reported as a car accident has turned into a stabbing investigation Thursday evening, with a bleeding man taken to the hospital and Claremont officers trying to piece together what happened.

Just after 5 p.m., Claremont police and LA County Fire responded to a two-vehicle injury accident on Indian Hill Boulevard just north of San Jose Avenue, according to Lt. Jason Walters of the Claremont Police Department.

One of the drivers, a 23-year-old man, was determined to have been the victim of a stabbing, Lt. Walters said.

Sgt. Robert Ewing of the Claremont Police Department said on Friday that the stabbing occurred near the intersection of Kingsley Avenue and Karesh Avenue in Pomona.

The victim told Claremont detectives he was trying to drive himself to Pomona Valley Hospital when he missed his turn to the 10 freeway on-ramp. He made a U-turn at Vista Drive and drove south toward the freeway, where he lost consciousness and crashed into another car, Sgt. Ewing said.

What led to the stabbing remains unclear. Claremont police and the Pomona Police Department are investigating.

The Claremont Police Department sent out an alert at 5:15 p.m.Thursday regarding a “major injury traffic collision” on Indian Hill Boulevard north of San Jose Avenue.

The victim’s white Porsche Cayenne was at the scene with blood spatter visible on the driver’s side door, as well as two bullet holes. Bloody clothing could be seen on the street beside the Porsche. Despite the bullet holes, Lt. Walters told the COURIER Thursday evening that “it does not look like a shooting occurred in Claremont.”

Family members of the victim told Claremont detectives that the bullet holes were from a separate incident two weeks prior, Sgt. Ewing said.

The victim, who was suffering from “multiple stab wounds,” was transported to Pomona Valley Hospital. Lt. Walters said Thursday night that he was “semi-cooperative” with police, but Sgt. Ewing said on Friday he was more “coherent and cooperative” with detectives.

There is no outstanding suspect, Lt. Walters said.

Scott Lee was traveling southbound on Indian Hill and waiting at a stoplight in his Nissan Quest when he says the victim’s Porsche crashed into him from behind around 5:10 p.m.

He told the COURIER he saw a man bleeding on the ground. Two women were at the scene holding the man and calling 911, he said.

“He was conscious, but it looked like he was almost falling asleep because he was bleeding a lot,” Mr. Lee said.

Indian Hill was closed from Vista Drive to south of San Jose Avenue as the investigation continued Thursday night. Southbound traffic was being diverted through nearby residential neighborhoods, and eastbound traffic was being diverted through the Knight’s Inn parking lot.

This is a developing story, and the COURIER will have more information as it becomes available.

Matthew Bramlett



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