Got shoes? Donate to Crossroads all month long

Claremont nonprofit Crossroads, Inc., which helps formerly incarcerated women reenter their communities, is hosting a fall shoe drive through October 30.

The charity is soliciting the community to donate new or gently used shoes in all sizes, which will be sent to micro-entrepreneurs and organizations in developing nations where they can be resold and repurposed.

“Nearly one billion of the more than seven billion inhabitants of earth lack shoes or have inadequate footwear,” read a Crossroads press release. “Shoes are a basic necessity that allows those living in poverty to go to school or work and to safeguard them from injury and infection.”

Donors should bring shoes to Crossroads at 1269 Harvard Ave., Claremont, and leave them by the big red doors at the end of the driveway. If you need a receipt for tax purposes, leave your name and address with each donation. More information is at


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