Fundraising continues for Claremonter Beth Boos

If things go as planned, Claremonter Beth Boos will soon be breathing easy.

The longtime Claremont resident and beloved piano teacher was recently approved for a double-lung transplant at UCLA, and her friends have created a Go Fund Me page to help defray the significant medical costs that will not be covered by her health insurance.

Ms. Boos has been struggling with pulmonary hypertension for a decade. The condition has advanced to the point that the transplant is now a necessity.

Over the past year she has been accompanied by oxygen tanks on her daily walks through the Village. Even with breathing a struggle, she has continued to teach piano when she can.

Currently, Ms. Boos is in hospital awaiting a donor. Once the transplant surgery is complete, she will be confined to her home for at least three months while her body heals. The hope is to raise enough money to provide her with a hospital bed and nursing care for the first month she is home.

To donate to Ms. Boos’ fund, go and search “new lungs for Beth.”


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