North Claremont voters swing Measure CR election; vote-by-mail outnumbers poll votes

Foothill Boulevard was the dividing line with Measure CR, according to the election results recently ratified by the county.

The Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder identified four precincts for the November 5 local election—23A from the just below the 10 freeway to Harrison Avenue; 4A, from Harrison Avenue north to Foothill Boulevard; 18A from Foothill Boulevard north to Base Line Road; and 42A from Base Line Road north to the foothills.

Of the 4,403 votes cast by residents living north of Foothill Boulevard, 2.593 were no and 1.795 were yes. Turnout was lower by nearly 1,000 voters for residents living south of Foothill, but those who voted supported the measure. Of the 3,506 votes cast in these precincts, 2,075 said yes and 1,418 said no.

Harrison Avenue south had only a 27 percent voter turnout (1,570 of the 5,740 registered voters weighed in); the Village had a 37 percent voter turnout (1,936 of the 5,294 registered voted).

For Foothill to Base Line and Base Line north, voter turnout was at 39 and 39.5 percent, respectively. Foothill to Base Line had 2,184 votes cast by its 5,620 registered voters, and Base Line north had 2,219 votes cast by 5,672 registered voters.

Overall, 5,167 of the total 7,909 votes were cast by mail—over 65 percent. At 68 percent, Harrison Avenue south had the largest percentage of vote-by-mail (VBM) ballots for any precinct.

There are 22,326 registered voters in the city. Turnout city wide for Measure CR was 35 percent (7,909 votes), nearly 65 percent of which were vote-by-mail.

The city of Claremont estimates the cost of the election will be approximately $206,000, which was approved by the council on July 23, 2019.

—Kathryn Dunn



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