Bumpy Claremont Boulevard will soon be smooth sailing

That bumpy stretch of Claremont Boulevard from Foothill Boulevard south to Sixth Street is about to get a lot smoother.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the Claremont City Council approved a contract with Onyx Paving Company, Inc. of Anaheim to remove and replace asphalt damaged by bulging tree roots along Claremont Boulevard.

The project, which will include curb and gutter repair, went out to bid last month. Estimates from eight separate construction companies were received ranging from a low of $105,000 to a high of $197,060. The lowest bid from Onyx Paving was awarded the contract.

The council agenda packet for last week’s meeting emphasized that the request for bids included specific language on construction restrictions related to protecting existing trees. Further, the report states the city’s urban forest supervisor will attend pre-construction meetings to advise the contractor on the city’s tree requirements and will provide inspections while work is conducted.

Construction is expected to begin in January of 2020 and will take about a month. The estimated cost of the repairs is $105,000, plus a 10 percent contingency, for a total of $115,500. Payment will be made in full through funds from the state gas tax, not the general fund.


—Kathryn Dunn



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