Speed limit increases to be reviewed by commission

The Claremont Traffic and Transportation Committee will review a series of proposed city speed limit increases this Thursday, June 28, at 7 p.m. in the City Council Chamber, 225. W. Second St.

The review is being brought before the commission after the results of a recently completed Radar Speed Survey. The last survey was completed in 2005.

The proposed speed limit changes are needed in order to comply with state standards, according to a news release. The state requires the speed limit on a street to be as close as possible to the 85 percentile, or the speed that 85 percent of the traffic is traveling either at or below. To comply with these standards, a proposed 5 miles per hour (mph) increase will be added on 11 city streets:

1. American Avenue: Indian Hill to Mills, 25 mph to 30 mph

2. College Avenue: Arrow Highway to First, 25 mph to 30 mph

3. Mountain Avenue: San Jose to Arrow Highway, 25 mph to 30 mph; ?Foothill to Base Line, 30 mph to 35 mph; Base Line to Thompson Creek, 30 mph 35 mph

4. Mt. Baldy Road: Padua to East City Limit, 45 mph to 50 mph

5. Pomello Drive: Mills to Padua, 30 mph to 35 mph

6. Radcliffe Drive: Indian Hill to Mills, 25 mph 30 mph

7. San Jose Avenue: College to Mills, 25 mph to 30 mph

8. Scottsbluff Drive: Mills to Lassen: 25 mph to 30 mph

9. Scripps Drive: Indian Hill to Mountain, 25 mph to 30 mph; Mountain to Towne, 25 mph to 30 mph

The public is invited to Thursday’s meeting to vocalize comments or concerns on the proposed changes. Those unable to attend the meeting may submit questions or comments to the city’s Engineering Division by calling (909) 399-5465.


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