Claremont Colleges move all classes to online format

by Kathryn Dunn |

There are no confirmed cases at the Claremont Colleges, however, in an abundance of caution, the five undergraduate universities have cancelled all in-person classes and will move to an online format beginning March 30.

Spring break begins March 16 for the Colleges, and will be extended a second week to allow faculty and students time to transition to an online teaching format by March 30 for all the 5Cs.

Some colleges, like Claremont McKenna, released detailed plans for the remaining semester to its faculty and students.

“Students will be required to depart campus for home or another off-campus location as soon as possible and no later than March 23,” President Hiram Chodosh said in an email.

Additionally, Mr. Chodosh said the college will extend the meal plan for students who may have cancelled spring break travel plans next week, but the dining hall will close for the semester at 5 p.m. on March 23.

“Our expectation is that all students will make arrangements to move out of their on-campus rooms and vacate campus for this academic year by that day at the latest,” he said.

Scripps President Lara Tiedens indicated the college will also move classes to an online format, but indicated the situation will be reassessed on April 18.

Pomona College said on its website students are required to leave campus by 5 p.m. on March 18 and “should not expect to return to campus this semester.” Online instruction will continue at Pomona until the end of the year.

Pitzer College President Melvin Oliver sent an encouraging note to students.

“To our students, we encourage you to rededicate yourselves to your studies. As you work remotely, please approach your courses with new energy and creativity. We are working to find ways to make the most of your Pitzer experience this semester,” he said in an email.

As of today, Keck Graduate Institute and Claremont Graduate University “will continue standard class schedules and course delivery,” as published on the KGI website.


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