TODAY’S NEWS: Comments on coronavirus coverage

by Kathryn Dunn |

The Claremont COURIER staff has been working hour-by-hour and at times, minute-by-minute, to bring the most current reports on COVID-19.

There have been a handful of wild comments on social media from one reader who said to “drink vinegar and pray to Jesus,” and another who flatly suggested the pandemic was “all hype.”

The COURIER newspaper supports science-based recommendations and responses to coronavirus. In that vein, over the next week, we will be monitoring—and deleting—comments that attempt to deny scientific research.

We understand that someone young and/or people in good health who contract coronavirus will most likely recover just fine. But our concern is for our seniors in Claremont—there are a lot of them—and for anyone with an existing medical condition.

We aren’t trying to create panic, but we need people to be extremely sensitive to our vulnerable populations and to take precautions to not get them sick. A coronavirus break out at Pilgrim Place or the Manor or Mt. San Antonio Gardens would forever change the Claremont we love. Let’s work together as a community to protect our neighbors.


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