Life slows in Claremont as more residents stay home

by Peter Weinberger |

It’s easy to tell when driving through Claremont something is just not quite right. First of all, it’s cold and rainy, with cold temperatures on tap for the next week. But it seems everything is also very quiet. Fewer cars, less people, and even plenty of parking in the hardest spots in the Village.

There are many business owners who want to remain open, especially those who operate restaurants, ready to prepare takeout orders. But some are closed. There will be limits of groceries you can purchase, but shelves are restocked, leaving no need to hoard whatsoever…. even toilet paper! America will never run out of food.

Because news is on a 24/7 schedule, we will all hear over and over similar dire facts. San Francisco has closed the city, but they also have 10 times as many coronavirus cases. Turn that TV off and read a book. In an effort encourage social distancing, cities will close up, except for the essentials we all need. As I wrote this, the largest number in a gathering should be 10 people.

Los Angeles County has only one conformed case of a death from the coronavirus, with 94 (25 new) testing positive. That’s a very low number given the 10 plus million who live here. Southern California has remained largely untouched compared to other areas in the state. That can change. But we have to work our way through the pandemic patiently. It will get worse in hotspots before it gets better, but it’s going to get better. Stay safe out there.

Great idea!  Claremont and La Verne have numerous nursing homes like Pilgrim Place, Hillcrest, Claremont Manor, Claremont Place, Mt. San Antonio Gardens and more. Many of the residents are on lockdown and cannot be visited by their families. They would love to hear from us! A nice card or picture, even baked goods. These places will gladly appreciate your efforts!


Coronavirus online resources

Here’s the latest information from the LA Department of Health. 

Federal Support

  • Small Business Administration (SBA) to provide up to $2M in Disaster Assistance Loans to businesses impacted by COVID-19. More
  • SBA Guidance for employers to plan and respond to COVID-19.
  • Centers for Disease Control (CDC) – Interim guidance for businesses and employers to plan, prepare and respond to coronavirus. More
  • Department of Labor – OSHA- Check out this guide – Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19. Download.

State Support


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