Shop early for hard to find essentials

With grocery store shelves empty with some essentials it’s only natural to worry about availability. But if you shop early, maybe even wait in line before the store opens, you will be able to get the supplies you need. Even toilet paper and paper towels. Claremont has experienced calm, patient shoppers as we all try to adapt to social distancing during this health crisis. At Vons Thursday morning, there was a dash to certain items that sold out quickly, but the shelves are restocked every day. The Claremont Village also has a number of restaurants open for take out. They include Walter’s, Dr. Grubb’s, 42 Street Bagel Cafe, Claremont Village Eatery and more. Hendrick’s Pharmacy is also open and is doing deliveries. This list may change, but there are options out there for your food needs. COURIER photo/Matt Weinberger


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