State, county order residents to ‘stay home’

by Kathryn Dunn |

County officials ramped up pressure to keep Los Angeles County residents at home through approval of the “Safer at Home Order” put into place Thursday. Starting at midnight tonight, LA county playgrounds, shopping malls and non-essential retail businesses are ordered to close.

Working in conjunction with the governor’s office, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has ordered residents to stay home, except for necessary outings to the grocery store, pharmacy or if your workplace is deemed essential.

Private indoor and outdoor gatherings cannot exceed 10 people. Hosting two to nine people at any event requires that the host enforce social distancing, with guests staying at least six feet apart, and to provide opportunities for hand washing in a sink with soap and water.

Essential businesses include grocery stores, certified farmers’ markets, food banks, convenience stores and pet supply stores. Stores that sell other non-grocery items may remain open if the products sold are necessary to maintain the “safety, sanitation and essential operation of residences. Gas stations, restaurants and hardware stores are also deemed essential.

The county defines a shopping mall as any indoor or outdoor building with seven or more “sales and retail establishments.” For Claremont, that will impact a number of strip malls.

Failure to comply with the county order is a crime punishable by fine, imprisonment or both, the county said.

The COURIER will provide more detailed information about what can remain open and what agency will be manage enforcement.

To read the county’s order in full, click here.


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