Claremont Colleges closed to visitors: Updated 5:30 p.m.

by Steven Felschundneff

The Claremont Colleges have closed their campuses to the public to protect the health of students, faculty and staff, and to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

The move was made to keep as many people away from the campus as possible in an effort to comply with the governor’s stay at home order.

Campus safety at the Claremont Colleges asked the City of Claremont to spread word of the closure, according to Public Information Officer Bevin Handel. In response, the city posted a statement on its official Facebook page Thursday, asking residents to stay away from the Colleges.

“Please be aware, the Claremont Colleges have closed their campuses to the public to protect students, faculty, and staff. This includes walking on the campuses and using the fields and recreational spaces. Only authorized personnel, students, and vendors will be allowed on campus,” the statement read.

The Claremont Colleges are a popular place for Claremonters to walk, and with the nice weather this week there was apparently an increase in the number of visitors.

Patricia Zurita Vest, associate director of news and strategic content at Pomona College, said that the decision to close the campuses was made earlier this week, but she was unsure which day. The final decision was made by Claremont Colleges Services to cover all five undergraduate colleges and the two graduate universities.

The closure was an effort to, “follow guidelines set by the state,” Ms Zurita Vest said.

Campus security will be looking for people who either willfully or unknowingly trespass on campus and will ask them to leave. It was unclear what the penalty would be for repeat offenders.

Public byways such as the sidewalks on College Avenue and Sixth Street will remain open. All interior walkways and open spaces, including Pomona’s Marston Quadrangle, are closed. 


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