Confirmed cases in Claremont rises to five

After reporting on Saturday that there was a drop in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the city of Claremont, on Sunday the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health now reports an uptick to five confirmed cases in Claremont.

The fluctuation in the confirmed number of local cases was clarified by an email from public health officials on Sunday stating that: “The location numbers are subject to change based on further investigation. Cases may be reassigned to a new location.”

The statement also said that Claremont currently has no institutional cases, such as those in nursing homes and retirement communities.

The health department has confirmed 15 new deaths and 663 new cases of COVID-19, since the update on Saturday. Eleven of the people who died had underlying health conditions and 10 were over the age of 65. Two people who died were between the ages of 41 and 65 years old and one person was between the age of 18 and 40 years old. One individual over the age of 65 who died did not have underlying health conditions. Two deaths were reported by the City of Pasadena. Over the last 48 hours, there have been 1,374 new cases.

To date, the county has identified 5,940 cases across all areas of LA County, including 132 deaths. As of Sunday a total of 1,257 people who tested positive for COVID-19 (21% of positive cases) were hospitalized at some point during their illness. Testing capacity continues to increase in LA county, with almost 31,000 individuals tested and 14% of people testing positive.

Emerging evidence suggests that there may be a significant number of people infected with COVID-19 who are asymptomatic and capable of spreading the virus to others. New guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reminds us we need to use universal precautions all the time—assuming that each of us can infect others even when we aren’t sick, and that others can infect us.


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