Claremont police receive donation of protective masks

Claremont police officers will be wearing protective masks when responding to calls thanks in part to donated supplies from the community.

“In an effort to protect the public and our officers from further spread of the COVID-19 virus, Claremont officers will be responding to calls wearing masks. With supplies on hand, as well as masks donated by community members, our officers have the equipment necessary to ensure they stay healthy so they can continue to serve and protect our community,” read a statement on the Claremont Police Department’s official Facebook page.

The donations includes the N95 respirator, regular surgical and cloth masks. The N95, which is the most effective at blocking the virus, has been in short supply since the coronavirus outbreak reached the United States.

“We have had over 500 masks donated by various community members and they keep coming in,” said Bevin Handel, public information officer at the City of Claremont.

In addition to the donated masks, a few cloth masks were handmade by the spouse of an officer as well as members of the “Stitched Together” local Facebook group profiled recently by the COURIER. The city also purchased masks when supplies were available and have received additional units from the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services.

Officers will use the N95 respirators when they have to be within six feet of a person. The surgical and cloth masks will be worn when driving and performing other duties.

The CPD’s station remains closed so staff who do not interact with the public will be wearing the cloth masks.


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