New organization connects shelters to concerned donors

With California residents given the “Shelter in place order,” many are wondering how they can help assist others without exposing themselves to COVID-19.

ShelterShare is a new and local nonprofit organization that addresses the perennial problem of homelessness using innovative high-tech methods. The website connects local shelters with generous people seeking an opportunity to be helpful from the safety and comfort of their own homes.

The number of people in Los Angeles County experiencing homelessness has skyrocketed, and with unemployment on the rise, many single parents and families in need will look to shelters for assistance.

While a total solution seems out of reach, individual shelters can and do mitigate the problem. However, their resources are always stretched to the limit.

ShelterShare allows homeless shelters (and similar organizations like shelters for women and children escaping domestic violence) to list specific products they need in large quantities, e.g. toiletries, food, household items, and baby products.

Ordinary citizens sign on, scroll to a shelter they want to support, choose the items from the list provided, and make the purchase online. The items purchased are then delivered to the shelters on behalf of the donors.

Many products listed on the site cost as little as $2, making contributions budget friendly for the majority of those looking to donate.

“It’s an easy and effective new way for people in the community to ease the homeless crisis and support struggling families from the comfort and safety of their home,” said Anthony Valencia, Claremont resident and founder of

Local organizations participating include Foothill Family Shelter, Inland Valley Hope Partners, and Claremont Homeless Advocacy Program (CHAP).


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