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For Hendricks, good customer service is good business

by Peter Weinberger |

For Brian Garner, owner of Hendricks Pharmacy, the coronavirus pandemic has been no walk in the park—if that was even allowed.

When the crisis first started in March, there was a rush to Hendricks as customers made sure to stock up. That’s not a surprise given their reputation for customer service, including free delivery by their staff. But much has changed since then.

“Once the college students left town, we lost about two months of good business,” Mr. Garner said. Unfortunately, this is a theme we’ve heard from other Claremont business owners. Once everyone left town, and stores closed, everything in the Village changed. Now businesses have to adapt to a changing environment.

What helps Hendricks get through this health crisis is being proactive in handling issues caused by the stay-at-home order. This is no more evident with the safety precautions taken by the store and their employees. When going inside the pharmacy, customers and employees feel at ease. They know social distancing is being taken seriously.

“We wore masks way before they were required. We also wrapped a large plastic tarp around the front counter early on,” Mr. Garner added.

What continues to set Hendricks apart from other pharmacies is their relationship with customers, especially Claremont’s senior population.

And with Mr. Garner’s leadership, Hendricks Pharmacy will continue to play an important role in health care for city residents.


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