Let’s start are own Claremont home garden

Claremont resident Tria Belcourt shares tips on starting your own home garden.

Q: What made you decide to start the garden?

A: We felt it was a great way to teach history, science, and get outside away from the screens. We also wanted the kids to learn where food comes from and how it grows so they would have a greater appreciation for all the work that goes into something as simple as a salad.

I have been gardening my whole life and come from an agricultural background in the midwest. I felt it was also a great way to tell stories about the kids’ heritage and provide a connection to the past. 


Q: How far along into the stay-at-home order did you get started?

A: The weekend we were all ordered to stay at home coincided with the start of spring planting season—it was perfect timing. We decided to install double the amount since we felt we would have more time to tend the plants.


Q: Did you always want to do this?

A: I had taken a break from gardening for a couple years after my youngest was born. I really wanted to do this and the quarantine provided the best time for this.


Q: How long did it take to finish your project?

A: One thing about a garden, it is never finished. There are always dreams of more plants, more varieties, more space to plant. I have huge plans for our corral space since we don’t have a horse. We are planning to get chickens, possibly goats. And expand our planting to include a corn field, squash, and watermelon. It’s always going to be a work in progress! 


Q: Where did you get the materials?

A: We ordered soil from Lowes and the boxes from Amazon. Seeds are from Baker Creek. Our 14 fruit trees already existed on the property.


Q: What did you learn and what would you do differently next time? Any tips to share?

A: Start simple and small if you’re new to growing food for your family. A garden can be as big as a farm or as small as a pot of lettuce. Lettuce is great because it sprouts within a week and is full grown in less than two months. And baby lettuce is amazing! Instant gratification gardening! 


Q: What is the first thing to want to make with the food you grow?

A: Salsa! We have four kinds of tomatoes, cilantro, citrus, peppers, and onions! And as soon as the peaches are ripe, a beautiful cobbler!  


Q: Did your kids want to help or prefer to supervise?

A: Both kids love helping in the garden and take so much pride in our work. We are so grateful to have the space to enjoy each other and this time. 



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