Gradual Claremont reopening begins, but restrictions do remain

Los Angeles County residents are doing their part to follow the County’s “Safer at Home” Health Officer Order which has slowed the spread of COVID-19. Los Angeles County is now taking its first steps towards reopening businesses and getting people back to work. This does not mean these first steps will guarantee all businesses will be open. Some will continue to remain shuttered and advise calling before taking any action.


The following is a list of businesses that are re-opening May 8, 2020.


Non-essential business: reopening for curbside pick-up with adherence to distancing and infection control protocols. The re-opening of businesses will occur in stages and require physical distancing and infection control practices.


  • Bookstores 
  • Clothing stores 
  • Florists
  • Music stores
  • Sporting goods stores
  • Toy stores
  • Car dealership showrooms 


The curve has flattened, however the COVID-19 pandemic is still in LA County. The coronavirus is still deadly and capable of quickly taking many lives. As L.A. County moves into its first stage of recovery, all residents, business owners and employees must continue to observe and practice all COVID-19 physical distancing requirements. 


Reminder for all LA County residents:

•   Wear a face covering whenever you leave home

•   Wash hands throughout the day 

•   Stay six feet away from people who don’t live with you 


And don’t forget – you can get a free COVID-19 test if you have symptoms. All tests are confidential and will tell you if you’re COVID-19 positive or negative. Click here for more information about COVID-19 testing in LA County.


Notes: LA County may modify at any time the recovery guidelines displayed on this page based on the California Governor’s executive orders, State Health Officer orders and/or emerging science. More sector specific guidance will be provided and posted as it becomes available.




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