Claremont news from the city manager’s office

Building permits issued in June

The Building Division issued 101 permits during the month of June. The total construction valuation was $1,953,188.

Police continue to issue citations at Wilderness Park

The police department has increased enforcement of posted hours at the Wilderness Park. Visitors entering the park before dawn or leaving after dusk are subject to a $50 fine. Daily park hours are posted at the entrance of the park and on the city’s website.

Packing House sign program amendment 

The Packing House property owner is proposing additional signs to aid in providing exposure for the  existing businesses within the Packing House. In 2006, signs approved for the Packing House were primarily aimed at providing exposure for the tenants with direct exposure to First Street. 

The remaining businesses within the atrium area and on the second floor had little-to-no exposure from First Street. The proposed signs include a freestanding multi-tenant monument sign, as well as several directional, directory and building-mounted signs to provide additional exposure for those businesses located within the interior tenant spaces of the Packing House. This item was slated for Architectural Commission design review on July 11.

Outdoor uses and special outdoor use permits

Special Outdoor Use Permits (SOUPs) allow for outdoor uses such as seating and displays of items in the city’s commercial districts.

Outdoor displays of 6 square feet or less do not require a permit by the city; however, displays for restaurant or retail uses larger than 6 square feet, and any form of outdoor seating for restaurants, require review and approval of a SOUP. Permits are renewed annually and could aid in providing additional exposure for commercial businesses within the city.

All sidewalk sales are subject to the general standards for outdoor uses with the following additional standards:

A. A sidewalk sale may be conducted only by the  business(es) located within the building that fronts the right-of-way or property where the sale is to be located.

B. A retail business is permitted up to 12 sidewalk sale days per year provided the sale events comply with all applicable  standards. The 12 sale days may be consecutive or spread throughout the calendar year.

C. The city may prohibit sales at certain times. At least 10 days prior to having a sidewalk sale, or before advertising for a sidewalk sale, a business owner must obtain approval of date(s) from Planning Division staff.  The city may prohibit a sale event at certain times to prevent a conflict with community events, filming, street or sidewalk repairs, utility repairs, other special events or an excessive number of sidewalk sales in very close proximity to each other on the same dates.

D. Sidewalk sales may not extend into any parking area, except if the sale occurs before 8 a.m. or after 6 p.m. and if Planning Division staff determines that the use of the parking area is necessary for the sale to occur and the event will not impact other businesses or city operations. The use of a parking area after 8 a.m. and before 6 p.m. requires a Special Use & Development Permit or a Special Event Permit.

E. Sidewalk sales shall not be subject to parking requirements.

Businesses may contact the Planning Division at 399-5470 for more information or visit the city’s website at


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