Conversation series ‘Claremont Speaks Black’ to launch this Sunday on Zoom

In recent weeks the assertion that Black lives matter has appeared again and again in social media, news outlets, and private conversations. It seems that many throughout the world, across the country, and here in Claremont are recognizing that humanity’s journey toward authentic unity cannot proceed unless the perspectives and experiences of Black people are at the center of global, national and local conversations about justice, society, and governance.  

In the effort to center Black perspectives at the local level, the Claremont Baha’i community is sponsoring a moderated series of conversations featuring Black Claremonters. This virtual forum is open to all who are interested in elevated, productive, and honest conversation about living in Claremont while Black.

The series will begin with a conversation with Rolondo Talbott, a member of Claremont’s Police Commission, on Sunday, July 19 at 4 p.m., and will recur every two weeks.

In the series we’ll hear from a diverse group of Black Claremonters, each of whom will talk about what it’s like to live in the city, and what might be done to make our community accessible, safe, and welcoming for Black people.

The conversations fostered in this series are meant to move our community toward justice and unity, which are principles held sacred by Baha’is, and among people of faith and goodwill everywhere. After sharing perspectives, the featured speakers will engage the audience in a moderated question and answer session. All who would like to be part of this conversation are welcome.

To attend these Zoom-based conversations, please send an email to  


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