Weekend warriors find the great outdoors

Looking for a change of scenery? There’s no question many Southern Californians feel it’s finally time to get outdoors for some fresh air. Freeways remain busy every day now, along with guaranteed traffic late on Sundays now. Just like the good ol’ days! While traveling Sunday west along the Glendora Ridge Road, I noticed activity way off in the distance near Cattle Canyon, over 1500 feet below the ridge where I was standing. The San Gabriel mountains are an important part of Azusa and Glendora, two cities south of this popular camping and hiking area along the San Gabriel river. But not everyone knows how extensive and beautiful the scenery is along a river thousands of feet below the mountain tops. As part of the COURIER’s “Get Away” series, look for aerial video from Lake Tahoe, a hot spot for people in a great need to getaway. COURIER photo/Peter Weinberger


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