Colby Circle storm drain contract approved by council

by Rebecca Norden-Bright |

On July 28, the Claremont City Council voted to award a contract to Koa Consulting for the preparation of a storm drain design at the intersection of Colby Circle and Oxford Avenue. 

The contract was recommended by Claremont City staff, who determined there was “concerning storm water build up” at the intersection following heavy rainfall. 

“During heavy rain events, the street system is not capable of carrying the water runoff volume and the curbs are breached with water flow which is impacting street adjacent properties and traffic safety in the area,” the staff report reads.

Now that the contract has been approved in the amount of $117,978, Koa Consulting is tasked with first preparing hydrology studies to determine the amount of excessive water run-off, and then using this information to size drainage devices and plan the construction of a storm drain design. 

The staff report also notes the project’s compliance with the city’s sustainability standards. “In keeping with Claremont’s sustainable practices, the proposed drainage improvements will include dry wells to supplement the proposed extension of the storm drain system,” it reads.


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