Tennis anyone? Here are guidelines for using city courts

The city’s human services department has witnessed a surge in the usage of both tennis and pickleball courts over the last few weeks. This surge is most likely attributed to the recent closure of the Claremont Club and the desire of the community to get outdoors and exercise.

While city staff encourages everyone to continue to use park amenities, they ask that residents continue to follow LA County orders, protocols and park rules, which include:

• Keeping a physical distance of six feet and wearing face coverings at all times except during play;

• A maximum of one-hour play is allowed on heavy traffic days;

• Only singles play is permitted. No doubles. Tournaments are not allowed.

• No group lessons involving two or more participants (a city permit is required);

• No sharing of equipment.

For more information regarding tennis and pickleball protocols please contact the Human Services Department at


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