You can help trees survive the hot summer months

Claremont has more than 26,000 city-owned trees, many more than 100 years old. Residents can do their part by adequately watering trees. The city offers the following tips to help your trees survive the hot summer:

What is more important, turf or trees? Trees must be given top watering priority over your turf. Turf can be replaced in a matter of months, whereas a 20-year-old tree will take 20 years to replace.

Besides proper watering, what else can you do?

Place four-inches of mulch around the trees to reduce moisture loss. Pull back mulch six-inches from the trunk, and avoid the use of stone or rock near trees as this increases air temperatures and moisture loss. Do not use fertilizers during hot summer months.

Proper watering techniques can be found at or For more information, contact community services at (909) 399-5431.


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