Adam Pirrie begins acting city manager job Friday

by Steven Felschundneff |

Claremont Finance Director Adam Pirrie will begin the job of Acting City Manager on Friday, according to a news release from Public Information Officer Bevin Handel.

City Manager Tara Schultz, whose last day on the job is October 31, will be on call from home for the transition and Mr. Pirrie will be in the office, Ms. Handel told the COURIER.

Priorities in the coming months include a community workshop to gather ideas on potential sites for affordable housing as part of the city’s housing element requirement under the state’s Regional Housing Needs Assessment. Staff is scheduled to release the Draft Village South Specific Plan and a related environmental impact report. The city will be updating its hazard mitigation plan which outlines how officials prepare for and respond to emergencies.

City staff will provide voter assistance in the days leading up to, and including, Election Day on November 3. Following the election there will be at least one new member of the Claremont City Council, who will be reorganized in December in advance of the council’s annual workshop in January.

“Over the next few months, city staff will be moving forward on priority projects, including COVID-19 pandemic response and recovery efforts, securing the city’s financial future through the pursuit of economic and commercial development opportunities, and addressing the needs of its community through the development of affordable housing and compassionate service programs for unsheltered individuals,” Mr. Pirrie said.


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