City-wide sports field renovations continues

This summer, sports fields throughout the  city will be temporarily closed for renovation. Locations scheduled for renovation include the soccer fields at Griffith, Lewis, Larkin, La Puerta, Jaeger and Padua Parks.

The renovation will include aeration, fertilization, and reseeding thinning turf areas. In order to ensure that the newly seeded areas germinate, the watering schedule for field areas will be adjusted to water 3 times per day. This watering practice will be implemented through mid-August when the fields will reopen for the fall youth sports season.

The city will continually monitor the watering schedule to ensure that the renovation is completed in the most sustainable manner possible. 

For questions regarding the field renovations, contact Kristin Turner, community and human services manager, at 399-5433 or


Turf removal program

Turf grass is one of the most water-intensive plants. Its high water and frequent maintenance needs make it a time-consuming and expensive option. Golden State Water and its partner Metropolitan Water District offer a turf removal program that assists homeowners in replacing their existing turf with drought tolerant plants and ground cover. Homeowners who elect to remove some of their irrigated turf grass to reduce outdoor water use can receive $1 or more per square foot of removed turf. 

For more detailed information on this program and other rebate programs, visit


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