Claremont Art Walk on tap for November 7

The Claremont Art Walk takes place from 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday, November 7. Galleries are encouraged to follow strict social distancing guidelines. Masks are required in Claremont.

Studio C Claremont, 260 W. Bonita Ave.
Rebecca Hamm’s, “Law of Nature.” The exhibit is, “a glimpse into the powerful and mysterious forces of nature over the confounding pursuit of it as commodity,” Ms. Hamm said. “These works have developed from my recent immersion in the exploration and efforts of safeguarding, through litigation, open and free areas of land from development. The titles are pairings of terms often found in legal processes and names of entities from the natural world. The images begin from experiential involvement with the natural space, observation and contemplation of its multiple energies and forms of life. The painting process builds a document of my responsive actions which are unpredictable as each layering leads to the next. Emotive evidence is present within the infusion of information, color, texture and materials.” Studio C will open at 4 p.m. to allow extra time because of social distancing guidelines.

Bunny Gunner, 230 W. Bonita Ave. 
Collage artist Tracy Moore, with a socially distanced opening reception from 4 to 8 p.m. Saturday, November 7. Masks are required and there are limits on how many guests may be inside at one time. To book a private viewing time for small groups of up to 5 people, call (909) 736-5488.

Square I Gallery, 110 Harvard Ave.
Works by Father Bill Moore, “Spirit Lives.”

Sonja Stump Photography, 135 W. First St.
The Claremont Creative Connection, with photography by Robin A. Driscoll, art by Elizabeth Preston and Kathleen McCall, music from Dynamite Dawson.

Claremont Museum of Art, 200 W. First St.
Although the museum remains closed, it is offering an online exhibition Inside Out: Emerging from Isolation, featuring recent work by 28 area artists. The exhibition will be ready to visit as soon as COVID restrictions are lifted. In the meantime, follow CMA on Facebook and Instagram to hear from each of the artists in coming weeks.

Neon Moon Art Supply, 317 W. First St.
Neon Moon Arts Supply and Studio presents, “Shhh … Say Nothing: an honest look at silenced voices.” Claremont Graduate University alum Suzanne Gibbs releases her book and shows paintings paired with the series. She joins the launch via video from her home in Oregon. Neon Moon is also presenting “Together/Apart: A group show during a pandemic,” with six artists’ works created during the pandemic, including Samantha Monrreal, Aleta Jacobson, Ekaterina Orlovie, Todd Molinari, Xrstine Franco and Ilir Zeneli.


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