Claremont Interfaith Thanksgiving service tradition continues

Though forced by COVID-19 safety precautions to consider alternative venues, for

the 30th consecutive year the Claremont Interfaith Council (CIC) will hold its

Interfaith Thanksgiving Gathering on Wednesday evening, Thanksgiving eve,

November 25, 2020 at 7 p.m. on Facebook Live, YouTube and other streaming

platforms. The Council invites the Claremont community to come together in

shared gratitude for the bounties we have experienced as citizens of a nation

founded on core principals of freedom and liberty supported by a spiritual

foundation, and how they have sustained us during this unique time in our

country’s history.

The service will feature, as keynote speaker, Rev. Jessie Smith of St. Ambrose

Episcopal Church, and will also include clergy and lay leaders from the broad

spectrum of religious and spiritual communities in the Claremont area. There will

also be a variety of music in the program, including soloist and virtual choir


“We are living in fragile times, and one important way we can feel more grounded

is to understand that we share an attitude of gratitude with our neighbors,” said

Paul Buch, Cantor at Temple Beth Israel. “Both the pandemic and the recent

election have made this year even more hectic and stressful, and it’s nice to start

the season in an atmosphere of peace and unity, even though we can’t all be

together physically”

As has become the custom, an offering, this year virtually, will be requested

during the program with the full proceeds going to Inland Valley Hope Partners in

support of their emergency food assistance program.

For further information, call or text 909-542-8150 or go to


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