New COVID cases take huge jump in L.A. County

During the past couple of weeks Los Angeles County has been seeing an ever increasing number of new cases and deaths from the virus. But Tuesday’s numbers may mean it’s time to sound an alarm. The number of new daily cases reported on December 1 increased to 7,593, surpassing the previous high of 6,124. There also was a record number of deaths for one day at 46. And with so many varied opinions on how much of a lockdown is really needed, it’s hard to find common ground on solutions. With numbers like these, it’s hard to argue for less restrictions, even when we know so many businesses and schools are suffering. In Claremont, not all restaurants are even open now, especially during the lunch hours. Those that are seem to be following health guidelines and not serving to customers outside. Maybe it’s time we all come to the conclusion that we are not winning the battle against the virus…and something needs to change in our behavior to make an impact on the numbers. COURIER photo/Peter Weinberger


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