Final results of Claremont November 3 local election

The Los Angeles County Registrar recorder has certified the November 3 election results setting the stage for Claremont to certify the local results during the city council meeting on Tuesday.

A certified statement of election results must be completed within 30 days of the election, which was Thursday. On December 8 the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is scheduled to declare the election officially concluded, according to a published schedule from the registrar recorder.

Claremont voters reelected Corey Calaycay in District 1 and selected Sal Medina in district 5. The two open seats on the Board of Education will be filled by Kathy Archer and Bob Fass. Laura Bollinger will be the next trustee on the Citrus College Board of Trustees and voters narrowly passed Measure Y which funds improvements at the college. Detailed results are below.

City council district 1: Corey Calaycay, 1,666 votes, 38.15 percent; Christine Margiotta, 1,240 votes, 28.39 percent; Zach Courser, 971 votes, 22.23 percent; Ethan Reznik, 490 votes, 11.22 percent.

City council district 5: Sal Medina, 1460 votes, 43.62 percent; Michael Ceraso, 1,065 votes, 31.82 percent; Bennett Rea, 663 votes, 19.81 percent; Donell Clark, 159 votes, 4.75 percent.

Claremont Unified School District, Board of Education: Kathy Archer, 11,950 votes, 41.68 percent; Bob Fass, 10,295 votes, 35.91 percent; Chris Naticchia, 6,423 votes, 22.40 percent.

Citrus Community College District Board of Trustees, area 2: Laura Bollinger, 7,534 votes, 43.76 percent; Joseph Salas, 5,086 votes, 29.54 percent; Eric Kaljumagi, 4,596 votes, 26.70 percent.

Citrus Community College District Measure Y: Yes: 54,504 votes, 57.67 percent; No 40011 votes 42.33 percent.


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